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Catering & Menu Planning:

Catering/menu/contract details:

  • Read BEO (Banquet event order) carefully to ensure it reflects all details of your order, including date of event, timing of service, deposit requirements, billing, cancellation policies and gratuity percentage.
  • Food prices are often quotes “plus” the service and the sales tax, meaning those figures are not calculated in the price per person and must be added in to the overall cost. When you provide the catering guarantee, be conservative. The average no-show rate is 10%!
  • Most caterers build a plus or minus percentage overage (often 3%-5%) into the guarantee. Ask about overage.

Menu Planning:

  • Provide a variety of foods, and always offer vegetarian/healthy selections. Be mindful of possible allergies and offer options.
  • Be mindful of cultural preferences for international guests.
  • Offer beverage options when possible (caffeine free, diet, water). For coffee service, provide 70% regular and 30% decaffeinated.
  • Make sure hors d’oeuvres or finger foods can be eaten in one or two bites easily, or ask for mini versions.
  • Make sure eating utensils are provided when appropriate- some guests prefer to eat even finger foods with utensils.
  • Do not trim budgets by reducing the quality of the food or number or wait staff. Instead consider alternatives to expensive items.
  • For pre-meal cocktail hours, four to six hors d’oeuvres per person per hours is adequate. For receptions, plan on five to seven pieces per person per hour, plus a stationary display or two. For each subsequent hour, decrease the number of pieces.



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