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Location, Location, Location

Location Requirements:

  • If you are unsure of the space and the needs, it is advisable that you first visit the room to assess how your event will flow in that venue.
  • Review the event details and consider the needs as they compare to the venue. (Will you need chairs, tables for registration or seating, a podium? Where will the catering place the food?)
  • Always ask for extra trash cans!
  • No less than two weeks in advance of the event, contact the person who originally scheduled the event to request the items you will need. If necessary, create a sketch to relay how you with the room to be set up.
  • If your event will require assistance in managing parking arrangements or if you are concerned about managing the size of the crowd, contact and secure a Security company.
  • The venue or type of event and its location is vital to success. There must be a connection between the cause that the organization is seeking, the venue selected and the attendees being served. (This includes everything from the type of event, the space and the layout of the event, as well as the convenience and appropriateness of the location in relation to the audience being served)

Hotels vs. Convention Centers:

  • Hotels generally require a minimum room block of 10 rooms or food minimum for special events; this does not include the ballroom or meeting room fees.
  • Convention centers allow you to rent meeting space without any “hidden” costs

Restaurants vs. Private Venues

  • Restaurants are great places to host meetings, workshops, baby showers, wedding showers, special dinners, etc. Most restaurants allow you to create personalized menu cards to keep your costs relatively low. The best advantage is getting great food and service!
  • Private venues are considered golf clubs or special member’s societies that require membership fees or dues before making reservations. These venues are great for exclusive events and can be expensive.
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