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Staffing An Event


  • If Admission fees or money is exchanged at an event, even a tip cup, the personnel pouring the alcohol must have a liquor license.
  • Offer both red and white wine. Generally allow 2.5 glasses of wine per person. On average, there are 5 glasses in a bottle and 12 bottles in a case.
  • If the liquor vendor allows unopened wine to be returned, ask for a cork or bottle count to double check overage at the end of an event.
  • If students are attending an event where alcohol is served, plan to check identification at bars. It is a good habit to have identification checked for all ages when alcohol is being served.
  • Always serve food when alcohol is served, but be mindful of what is served- salty snack foods encourage dehydration.
  • Give wait staff authority to cut off inebriated guests and have taxi phone numbers as a backup.
  • Need one bartender for every 75 to 100 people.
  • Need one server for every 15 people for sit-down meal  (If quick service is required, pay extra for one server for every  10)

Set up/ Service:

  • Need one double-sided buffet line for every 75 to 100 people.
  • Have beverage service 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, with food ready 15 minutes prior, to avoid quality deterioration.
  • Recommend no catering service during your program- if appropriate, have wait staff leaves carafes of coffee or beverages on tables.
  • Check caterer’s kitchen and water requirements to verify venue has facilities and can accommodate- may need to modify menu.


  • Have a job description for your volunteers, with responsibilities clearly outlined. Don’t use your volunteers for anything you wouldn’t do yourself.
  • Appoint a staff coordinator to answer questions and serve as a point of contact/information source for volunteers. Prior to the event, send all volunteers a note thanking them for volunteering and giving them an idea of what will happen next and when. Keep them in the communication loop.

Provide general volunteer guidelines applicable to your event, such as:

  • Dress neatly in  your volunteer “uniform”
  • Be punctual
  • Check with volunteer coordinator upon arrival and prior to departure
  • No consumption of food or beverage in view of guests, unless approved by volunteer coordinator and only after all guests have been served
  • No smoking
  • Be pleasant to everyone at all times
  • Wear a name tag at all times
  • Remember you are at the event to work- you are not a guest
  • Report any concerns/issues to volunteer coordinator
  • Do not use personal cell phones or other communication devices
  • Do not seek autographs, photographs, or paraphernalia from dignitaries or celebrities
  • Be proactive in providing assistance to guests


  • Provide positive feedback and encouragement
  • Get day of contact information for volunteers and prepare a master contact list in case of emergency
  • Have the volunteer coordinator oversee the duties of volunteers the day of the event, to answer questions and provide assistance and troubleshooting
  • Introduce volunteers to each other
  • At an all-day/long event,  provide food, water, and breaks to volunteers
  • Prepare for no-shows by double booking some of your volunteer slots
  • Ask volunteers for feedback, such as ideas to improve the event, questions asked by guests, and the volunteer experience
  • Provide volunteer recognition and thanks, such as thank you letter, a pizza party, etc.
  • Have a form to give your volunteer



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